Shubharambh is a charitable foundation by Home & Soul. It is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to address the needs of the under-privileged infants, young, adults and old. Addressing their needs in terms of information and education, advocacy and service, Shubharambh seeks to enhance the quality of life for all by promoting independence, dignity, and purpose.

As the name suggests, Shubharambh signifies a new beginning; it is an attempt to create a purposeful and promising life for the deprived ones. Through this foundation, Home & Soul has created.

Various charity driven platforms of giving back to the society:

  • Pranaam is an effort to help the intellectually and differently abled people.
  • Shiksha is a drive to promote Education and Hygiene in the Society.
  • Swabhimaan is an effort to Help Elder People.
  • Prayaas is an initiative towards Disaster Management.
  • Genie (Fulfil a wish) is another initiative to fulfil various small wishes of the less-privileged.
  • Shakti is directed towards Women Empowerment.
  • Basera is an initiative which is directed towards providing Shelter Homes for the homeless.
  • Ahsaas has been introduced to provide medical support to the people who cannot afford basic medical attention.