Best Staircase Tile Stickers to Elevate Home Décor

The staircase is often left out while giving home décor a change. But, this time offer a twist to the story by adding this amazing thing to the staircase set. You must have heard about wall stickers and now it’s time to take a step here and bring the Staircase tile stickers home. Decorate the steps with these stunning stickers designs and offer a completely new look to the living castle. So, check the decorative styles that are available in the market and shop for the best staircase tile stickers:

Elevate Home Décor
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1. Staircase Rise Décor Tile Sticker –

Refill yourself and other family members with a dose of positive energy every day with this kind of staircase tile sticker. The market offers emotional, motivational, romantic, sad and various other kinds of content in this style. Also, you can get the rise décor tile sticker customized if you wish to flaunt some other sayings or a quote. Remember to choose the background colour that goes well with the wall paint and the staircase set colour.

Staircase Rise Décor Tile Sticker
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2. Piano Staircase Tile Sticker

Playing piano is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, people express happiness while watching someone else playing the same. But, some people get disheartened just because they don’t know how to play a piano. So, this staircase tile sticker is particularly for them as the Piano staircase tile sticker will help to create a tune of climbing up and down every time you step up the stairs.

Piano Staircase Tile Sticker
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3. Mid-Century Staircase Tile Sticker

The beautiful circle design in twin colour combination offers a contemporary look. So, decorate the staircase with an amazing tile sticker that reflects the age-old mid-century design. Remember to shop for this staircase tile sticker in the colour combination shown here as the colour customization will not offer the alluring look which the grey-colour palette is showcasing.

Mid-Century Staircase Tile Sticker
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4. Geramic Staircase Tile Sticker

This home décor item is a beautiful blend of colours. The pastel and bright shades mix with each other and offer creative designs to enhance the beauty of your home. Here you can opt for one colour with multiple shades or a rainbow colour scheme as per the choice.

Geramic Staircase Tile Sticker
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5. Stone Staircase Tile Sticker

Give a surprising look to the staircase arena by adding this stone staircase tile sticker to the steps. This home décor item looks impeccable with a sharp detailing of the structure crafted from a stone directly.

Stone Staircase Tile Sticker
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6. Mexican Staircase Tile Sticker

Design the staircase set in a Mexican style. The shades of blue colour and the vintage design make a perfect combination and add a dazzling finish to the steps.

Mexican Staircase Tile Sticker
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Cork-Based Decorative Items to Make Your Home Look Awesome!!!

The summers have arrived and thus you must be keen to give your home décor a new look? So, apart from placing indoor plants and getting chic installed in the window panes, there are other things too that can make your place beautiful yet elegantly styled.

Cork key Ring
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Yes, have you ever thought about home decoration with the corks which most of the times is thrown into the dustbin? If not then find out how this small article which keeps edible items safe inside the bottle can be used as a home décor item too.

Here are the tips to make your home look different and classic by brings in these cork-based home décor items.

1. Cork Candle Accent

The scented candles lift up the mood and also bring freshness into the air. Place the corks into the glass and lit a scented candle into it. We suggest you keep this in the living room to offer a classic look to the home.

Cork Candle Accent
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2. Cork Wearth

Give your home an unusual look by hanging a Cork Wearth on the ceiling. We suggest you hang this home décor item in the lobby and give a fresh ambiance to your sweet home.

Cork Wearth
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3. Cork-Based Bath Mat

The washroom must look classy as this place grabs the maximum attention of the guests. Also, the light brown color of the wine bottle corks gives a classic look too.

Cork-Based Bath Mat
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4. Cork-Based Chandelier

Change the lighting scheme of your home by bringing in a wine bottle cork-based chandelier at home. The transparent-colored bulb inside this chandelier will create an amazing lighting-effect at home.

Cork-Based Chandelier
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5. Cork-Based Hotplate

The dining table must also look stylish and thus you must lay beautiful looking cork-based hotplates here. Place the delicious looking food in super cool manner and get applauded for the same.

Cork-Based Hotplate
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6. Cork-Based Pots

Add an elegant touch to your garden by hanging some cork-based pot here. Also, you can hang up these flower pots inside the home by installing some indoor plants in it.

Cork-Based Pots
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7. Garden Marker

The wine bottle cork can be used as a garden marker so that one can easily differentiate between plants. This is important as there are many plants that are similar in appearance which can be distinguished by placing these garden markers.

Garden Marker
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Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier

It’s time to refurbish your home interior by changing the lighting pattern now. In fact, have a look at the ceiling and imagine how a chandelier can enhance its look. Well, before you think about placing any chandelier here, we must tell you that a new type of decorative lighting is trending currently which is known as the Art Glass Chandelier.

Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier
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The Art Glass Chandeliers look pretty impressive but you must know some facts about the same. So, here are the things to remember about these chandeliers.

What is an Art Glass Chandelier?

This is a home decor item made from the utility glass which is molded in distinct shapes and sizes. It is then assembled in a box for selling. Every single piece of the Art Glass Chandelier is wrapped separately along with the hanging metal frame and a chip. This home décor item is available in three popular designs which are horn, pod, and grapes.

Installation of Art Glass Chandelier

An Art Glass Chandelier is first assembled and then it is attached to the metal hanging frame and the chip. Once this lighting pattern is ready to hang, then a cable wire and a bulb is attached to the Art Glass Chandelier.

Here are seven types of Art Glass Chandeliers to decorate home.

1. Blown Glass Chandelier –

Blown Glass Chandelier
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2. Italian Glass Chandelier – 

Italian Glass Chandelier
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3. Abstract Art Glass Chandelier – 

Abstract Art Glass Chandelier
Img : rubylane

4. Art Glass Chandelier –

Art Glass Chandelier
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5. Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier – 

Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier
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6. Orange Glass Chandelier – 

Orange Glass Chandelier
Img : alicdn

7. Art Glass Lighting Ocean – 

Art Glass Lighting Ocean
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Hang these stylish Art Glass Chandeliers at home and offer a different look to the place in a stylish manner. Also, this home décor item can be customized according to the colors, shape, size, and design of your choice.