Reasons why Page Three Residences is your Perfect Abode in Greater Noida

Who doesn’t want to live a luxury life amidst nature’s lap as well as mesmerizing beauty? So why, not invest in a dream home that is the true embodiment of opulence, grace, and glamour. Welcome to Page Three Residences, your perfect dream abode that boasts architectural beauty along with the exclusivity.

The project is registered under UP RERA wit registration number UPRERAPRJ16264.

Page Three Residences
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The brainchild of leading realty firm Home and Soul, Page Three Residences are conceptualized by the renowned global architectural firm ‘Aedas’ based in Singapore and Modarch India. The project, located in Greater Noida, is designed keeping in mind the needs and demand of the millennial generation.

Page Three Residences Bedroom
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The under-construction project is nestled amidst 452 acres of iconic greens and the vast open area along with golf-centric surroundings that include an 18-hole internationally-designed golf course and Chip & putt 9-hole golf course.

Page Three Residences Interiors
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The project has 46 ultra-luxurious condominiums with spectacularly designed Duplex villa apartments, 4 & 5 BHK apartments and presidential penthouses with a plunge pool and sit-out decks. The breathtaking view of nature, elegant wooden highlights and beautiful water features make this an opulent residential project in Greater Noida.

Page Three Residences Swimming Pool
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Satisfy the celebrity in you and rejuvenate yourself in the luxury of an infinity-edge pool, lounge, a fully equipped gym, smartly-designed clubhouse ‘Club Velvet’ that has health club, Jacuzzi, yoga, aerobics room, Banquet hall, library and bar at the Page Three Residences. The 60-acre of a nature reserve park, 7.5-acre man-made lake Multi-cuisine resto café, sports activities at Atlantis sports club with world-class tournament-level sports facilities, Jogging & cycling tracks make Page Three Residences an ultra-luxurious living address.

Page Three Residences Amenities
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The USP of the project is its location where all the major residential, commercial hubs, educational institutions of Noida and Greater Noida are closely linked and enjoys smooth connectivity from the project.

So, get ready to indulge yourself in multiple luxurious amenities without stepping out of residential premises and at the same time enjoy cozy living in a nice and private atmosphere with your family and friends.

Page Three Residences Exterior
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Unusual Ideas to make the Home look Great

A clean home always looks beautiful but now it’s time to move from a beautiful home to a stupendous Abode. But how and it will include a handsome amount of money are the two things come to your mind right away. In fact, these are the obvious things but we are letting you know the simple tricks and unusual ways to make the home look like a million dollar palace. So, scroll down the post and have a look at some classy home décor ideas to escalate the interiors as well as the exteriors.

Home look Great
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Add fresh flowers

The home should always smell happy and the placement of fresh flowers next to the sofa is an ideal way to make it happen. There are various vase designs to choose from but the placing of a transparent vase is a good option. The reason behind this idea is to feel encouraged in life as the flower keeps blooming even when they are detached from the plant and only have support of a stem to survive.

Add fresh flowers
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Experiment with Sitting

Many of us have open space near the kitchen and also have a dining table. However, we suggest placing of few bar stools in the open area as it offers more chance of interaction with the guests and even with the kids and other family members while serving them with delicacies apart from the regular meal. Also, this will give an aesthetic look to the cooking junction.

Experiment with Sitting
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Artistic Chandelier

We all know that lighting is an integral part of home décor. Thus, give the heart of your home an artistic impression with this kind of chandelier. The dining area is, of course, the one place that brings the entire family together. Hence, make this arena look even more beautiful than it appears to be with the laughter and gossips of the family members.

Artistic Chandelier
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Experience Scenic Beauty

The bedroom is a place to enjoy king-sized life even when no one is watching. So, make sure to enjoy the serene view of nature from the glass door balcony. You can also keep a couple of chairs and a table in the extended bedroom area to offer a classy look to this place.

Experience Scenic Beauty
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Add some Curved Furniture

The addition of sharp-edged furniture is not appropriate as it cut the flow of positivity inside the abode. Hence, add some dimension to the home décor with a circular centre table, semi-circled sofa set and more.

Add some Curved Furniture
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7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors

Pavements might sound like roadside but here we are letting you know about the stylish ways to decorate the home exteriors. So, inspite of placing regular floor tiles in the open area of your home try these decorative ways to design the exteriors as they look stylish and also offer space to keep a couple of chairs or a coffee table. So, go through these designs and get one that suits you the best:

7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors
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1. Front Walkway Garden

This beautiful looking walkway creates a smooth walking space that connects entry and exit points of a home. Also, the step-like structure of this walkway offers a different look from that of the regular exterior design. We suggest you choose the floor texture and color according to the exterior paint as sync between these two offers a smart look.

Front Walkway Garden
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2. Pavement Yard Design

This uneven size of the titles offers a mismatched look which actually looks like as a design. So, highlight one of the exterior areas with this kind of pavement design and add a style to your home exteriors. Remember you can make use of red marble or yellow stone to add a different style to your living abode.

Pavement Yard Design
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3. Paver Patio Design

Get floor titles of a premium quality prefixed in the home exterior in a specific design and cover this cementing space with greens. The placing of grass covering also looks like a design structured intentionally. This kind of pavement allows water seepage and you need not face waterlogging issue in case of heavy rainfall.

Paver Patio Design
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4. Stone Pavement Design

Give your home an ancient style by having a stone pavement design as it resembles to the Mughal era when the forts used to get designed with stone of multiple colours. We suggest you use the same coloured stones which have been fixed on the exterior walls of the home.

Stone Pavement Design
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5. Pebble Pavement Design

Step out in style as the pebble pavement design offer a must and unique exterior look. The planting of a few greens in the pebble pavement offers a soft look and you can also feel the freshness while walking around.

Pebble Pavement Design
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6. Gravel Patio Pavement Design

Looks a bit similar to that of a paver patio design but is actually different from it. The placing of a stone with sharp edges and the grass covering all the remaining area offer a cool and pleasant look. So, get stones fixed in exterior and give home a beautiful look.

Gravel Patio Pavement Design
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7. Urban Patio Pavement

Give a classy finish to your home exterior and a step elevation at the same time. This offers an elegant look to the home exterior and this pavement design also allows you to place a coffee table from where one can enjoy a beautiful view of the nature.

Urban Patio Pavement
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