Seven best Open Shelves idea for Home Décor

The perfect home forms when you make use of ample space apart from the carpet area. Yes, many people don’t fill the void spaces properly and thus it results in a cluttered arena. But, every one might not have the ideas to recreate the space.

Agreed that every home may not offer enough space but every open area of a house gives you a scope for improvement. So, if you are confused about how to manage articles and home space then take a look at the below given open shelves idea and give home a completely different look.

1. Open Shelves for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private tract of a home where one keeps their important documents and souvenirs too. But, your growth in life asks for more room to place these things. Thus, you must divide a particular wall into three or more sections according to the need. This segregation will allow you to put up the family photos, trophies and other things which are close to your heart. This dedicated wall is trending nowadays as even the star of millennium Amitabh Bachchan also has a memory wall in his Mumbai-based home Jalsa.

Open Shelves for Bedroom
Img : pin-insta-decor

2. Teenagers Room – 

A teenager’s room is filled with multiple things like books, photos, wardrobe and more. Also, the grown-up kids have liking for various artefacts which they bring in to decorate their room. So, create an open place to keep these antiques and other stuff in their room. You can adjoin the open shelves and cabinets by designing shelve-storage in the teenager’s room as per their choice and requirement.

Teenagers Room
Img : majalah-nikah

3. Living Room – 

The living room is the first place where guests arrive. Thus, it is important to keep this arena look stylish. At the same time your house must speak your mind. So, give this particular section a different look by placing open shelves. Here you can add space to keep remotes and magazines near television whereas the other open space gives you space to keep artefacts. We suggest you to place some of your laurels in the living room and let the guest praise your work.

Living Room
Img : czmcam

4. Kitchen – 

Spice up the kitchen ambiance by flashing your trendy kitchen tools and utensils on the open shelves. The hanging hooks and dedicated space for keeping mixer jar and other things will make the cooking station classic like never before. But, choose the color of your open shelves according to the wall colors of your kitchen. This will offer a poise look to your cooking junction.

Img : phillymag

5. Dining Arena – 

The dining arena is place where the family enjoys time together while biting into the food. Thus, no one wish to miss the conversations that happen here. But, if you are still running from pillar to post in order to get some food, salt or something then wait. As we suggest you to have open shelves in the dining area where you can keep some extra plates, salt and pepper shaker and more as per your choice. This will help you spend time with your beloved family while having dinner.

Dining Arena
Img : evakuatorspb

6. Reading Lounge – 

This section is a place of your collection. Cover a wall of your reading section with open bookshelves. This also allows you pick the books easily and also add an elegant touch to the entire arena. Also, you can keep a small coffee table, a couch for this section and complement it with a floor lamp. Maximize the minimum space by having open shelves here.

Reading Lounge
Img : czmcam

7. Bathroom – 

Make your bathroom more spacious by adding open shelves to keep towels, soaps and shampoos there. Also, it gives a compact look to the bathroom as all things are kept at a particular space. So, keep refurbish your bathing space with designer open shelves and make the space look bigger and better.

Img : designingidea

These are the ideas to decorate home with open shelves. Although you can place these shelves in garden and balcony area too as it creates more space for keeping good things.

Style Check: Five Trendy Corners for your Home Interior

A home talks lot about your personality. Thus, you must keep a check on how to style up the interiors. Although, people today are widely aware of the latest design, trendy wall colors and other home decors products.

But have you noticed the emptiness in your home? Well, now you will say what type of void space are you talking here? Then, take a minute and have a look at your home as some plain corners of your castle will attract you to them.

Yes, these plain corners are what we are talking about. So, revamp your place by installing some designer corners at home now.

Remember, every home gets its theme intentionally or unintentionally. The theme depends on various things such as a color scheme or the artefacts your place and even the kind of lighting you put up. So, one thing that will add a touch of glam to your home décor is the corners.

Now it depends upon you when it comes to decorating your house. Also, we have brought some amazing corner ideas to help you decorate the best place in the world that is your home.

1. Multi-Purpose Corner

A corner has two or more shelves where you can keep antiques, flower vase, photo frame or any other thing of your choice. Also, you can keep this corner in the living room where you can flaunt a masterpiece that you bought from abroad or any other expensive artefacts you have at home. This will give an opulent look to a living arena.

Multi-Purpose Corner
Img : bestshelvingunits

2. Kitchen Corner

The kitchen is one such place where you need to have ample space to keep the electrical appliances, cooking utensils, and other kitchen equipments handy. Thus, a kitchen corner is essential to store dedicate crockery that is expensive yet trendy. So, opt for a long-sleek looking kitchen corner that can occupy various things in one go.

Kitchen Corner
Img : arrowfurniture

3. Wrap Around Corners

This type of corner is best suitable for teenager’s room. This designer corner gives a stylish look to the room as the teens can place books, DVDs, Comics, and various other things. Also, it gives them a random space to place things as soon as they are back from the school or anywhere. So, get wrap-around corner placed in your kid’s room and style up the home décor too.

Wrap Around Corners
Img : contemporist

4. Round White Wood Corner

A curved corner is apt for the girl’s bedroom. This will help your princess to nicely showcase her book collection. Also, the girls like to hang up their favorite pictures in their room. So, this corner allows them to put up photo frames of the people they love or are inspired by. On a whole, this will add more space to your daughter’s room.

Round White Wood Corner
Img : dickorleans

5. Wrought Iron Corner

The wrought iron corner is a dedicated corner for bathroom spaces. Hang it in the bathroom and give a clean look to this part of your home. Also, it keeps all bathroom essentials in one place and thus makes the comfort section hygienic and easy to use for others too.

Wrought Iron Corner
Img : fmsiguila

These five corners are a designer utility that will enhance the look of your place while increasing the beauty of your nestle.

Reflect your Persona: Eight best Mirror Designs for Home

The mirror is a glass coated metal that depicts clear image. Therefore it is widely used in bathroom and dressing space. But, today the idea of home décor has taken a transformational change. Thus, people love to style up their homes with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

But this doesn’t mean that you can place mirror designs anywhere in the home. In fact, there are particular spaces and ideas for mirror home decor.

So take a look at the below mentioned home arenas and give your place a reflective style.

1. Mirror in the Living Room – 

A living room is also the common space in home where the families spend quality time and welcome the guests. Thus, you must make this arena look ravishing and elite. So, add a diamond-shaped curtain line here and make the living room look awesome. Also, you can place a circular or rectangular-shaped mirror on a wall.

Mirror in the Living Room

2. Mirror Design for Lobby Area – 

The lobby connects the entire home. Thus, make this walking space look stunning with the shiny reflection of a mirror. We suggest you place a set of chairs and a table along with a mirror design of your choice. This complete set will elevate the entire lobby section at home.

2.Mirror Design for Lobby Area
Img : bench-forum

3. Reading Section – 

If you have a reading section at home then place an exquisite piece of mirror design here and set a relaxing mood. The artistic look of a mirror design in the reading section entices you to spend time while reading your favorite novel or any other book.

Reading Section
Img : multiscreensite

4. Dining Space – 

Experience a fine dining every time you visit this area. The long-sized mirrors create a poise atmosphere and thus elevate the overall beauty of the dining space. That’s not all, the expensive chandelier hanging on the ceiling reflects as a priceless showpiece in the mirror designs on the wall.

Dining Space
Img : universe

5. Mirror Design for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private space thus the choice here depends widely on the room space, requirement and taste of the person. So, try placing some simple yet sophisticated piece of mirror design and give your bedroom a complete new look.

Mirror Design for Bedroom
Img : areadomus

6. Mirror Design for Kitchen – 

A kitchen must look different from the entire home as this place holds a special place in the life of each one of us. After all, good food starts a good life. So, style up your kitchen with mirror cabinet doors and also decorate the open space between the cooking platform and the cabinets by placing the mirror here.

Mirror Design for Kitchen
Img : alarqdesign

7. Glass Outlet – 

The kitchen has multiple section under one roof therefore it is important to segregate the space accordingly and glass outlet is a new thing in mirror design. Make use of glass outlet in the kitchen and has a glam look for your cooking station.

Glass Outlet
Img : proglass4

8. Sliding Mirror Wardrobe – 

This is a superb idea to style up your home. Remove the traditional wooden wardrobe doors and get the sliding mirror wardrobe doors now. The sliding mirror doors can be placed in a single piece and wall tile design too. This gives a classic look to the room.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe
Img : handballtunisie

Give your home a perfect mirror finish with these mirror design ideas that reflect your style and persona.

Decorative Headboards to Style Your Bedroom

The fine bedding is something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. But, we all have a different choice when it comes to bed styling. Yes, some like to have a cozy corner while some others wish to have a spacious bed for themselves.

Apart from the bed size, there is one more thing that needs to be perfect in the bedroom is your headboard. A headboard is the backrest space of the bed which makes sitting comfortable and also help us rest our back. Remember, that the size of every headboard depends upon its pattern.

So, have a look at these trendy headboards and give your home a chic look.

1. Duct Tape Headboard – 

Cherish your best memories by hanging up them on your bed. Make a two column wooden headboard and paste the best pictures on these columns. Also, you can place two or more horizontal wooden planks between the columns and style your bed with a duct tape headboard.

Duct Tape Headboard
Img : sndimg

2. Artistic Headboard – 

Those having a love for artwork must decorate their headboards in an artistic manner. Also, if you dream to travel the world then design a world-like structure in the headboard.

Artistic Headboard
Img : sndimg

3. Cushion Headboard – 

This is a perfect headboard if you love to read before going to sleep. The soft cushion headboard makes you feel comfortable while lying back on the bed. Mix and match the cushion color according to the furniture and wall paint in the room.

Cushion Headboard
Img : twodereks

4. Modern Headboard –

Design a modern and creative headboard for your bed and add vibrant colors to the headboard. All this will elevate the look of your bedroom.

Modern Headboard
Img : hereandafter

5. Corner Headboard – 

The corner headboards are best for teenager’s room. The young children love their space and thus most of them have a separate room. So, place a corner headboard in your kid’s room as it gives a trendy look to space along with protecting them from banging into the wall or a window near to their bed.

Corner Headboard
Img : kinggeorgehomes

6. Teare Picket Headboard – 

Give your room a natural ambiance by installing this headboard to the bed. The equal-sized wooden piece creates an elegant design and enhances the look of your room.

Teare Picket Headboard
Img : sndimg

7. Fabric Headboard – 

The fabric headboard offers cozy look to the room. It also gives support to back and neck while resting on the bed. Get a fabric headboard installed behind the bed in your favorite shapes such as diamond, square or rectangle and experience comfy bedding.

Fabric Headboard
Img : home-designing

8. Luxury Headboard – 

Get your headboard design with luxury. Simply place the horizontally shaped headboard with foam-filled inside it and add an opulent style to the bed.

Luxury Headboard
Img : monstermathclub

9. Leather Headboard – 

Pick up the shiny leather for your headboard and get it sewed in any shape and size of your choice. Make sure to use a contrast-colored thread for sewing the headboard pattern.

Leather Headboard
Img : wall-division

10. Regent Headboard – 

This type of headboard has soft curves and does not have sharp-edges on any of its sides. In fact, the standard parting of the regent headboard is shaped in semi-circle.

Regent Headboard
Img : headboards

11. Extended Headboard – 

The king-sized bed is bigger in comparison to the normal double bed. Thus, it requires a larger headboard. Therefore, place an extended headboard to the back and give the room a luxurious feel.

Extended Headboard
Img : juliettesinteriors

12. Upholstered Headboard – 

Here the headboard has a frame attached to it. It creates a painting frame-like structure and offers a proper and stylish backrest while sitting on the bed.

Upholstered Headboard
Img : cutediyprojects

So, style up your backrest area by adding beautifully sculpted headboards at the earliest.

Geometric wall lighting for modern Homes

A home is where the heart is for all of us. Thus, you also try to keep the atmosphere lively at home. But, a lot of happiness depends on home décor too. Therefore, some people have ample living space but, never style up their place in a proper manner. As a result, they won’t feel energetic and happy all the time.

While on the other hand, many people keep their residing place look classy even if they have a small area to live in. This difference of home styling is somewhat responsible for creating positive and negative vibes.

The home décor market today is full of decorative lampshades and environment-friendly lights which consumes less energy and are durable too. But, you need to pick up accurate wall lighting in order to give a classy look to your home.

As a perfect home lighting elevate the whole ambiance of the home. Thus, you must also figure out some trendy wall lightings to enlighten your living adobe.

1. Mini Square Lighting – This square-shaped lighting is best to focus on a box type fixture on the wall. The lighting looks amazing on a plain wall as it reflects on the entire wall. Else you can place the lights in square shape box and focus on a painting or antiques on the wall.

Mini Square Lighting
Img : lindaoliver

2. Scone Lighting – It is a two-directional lighting which illuminates both up and down directions at the same time. This lighting fixture is available in multi-colored combination as well as in single color. Choose the lighting as per your requirement such as in contrast with the wall paint. The scone lighting is perfect for a lobby.

Scone Lighting
Img : dhgate

3. Circular Lighting – A circular lighting is perfect for a huge room. This lighting type requires false ceiling to uphold the lights. The high-rise roof and ample walking space in the room is the requirement of circular lighting. Remember, this particular lighting will make a small room look cluttered and disorganized.

Circular Lighting
Img : edilportale

4. Diamond Shaped Lighting – Buy a diamond-shaped wall lighting and gift precious diamond to the wall of your beautiful home. This adds a sparkling glow to the place and also gives the home an affluent look.

Diamond Shaped Lighting
Img : mobcart

5. Triangle Lighting – This type of lighting is best to attract the attention on something specific. The triangle-shaped light spread its gleam in broad prospect starting from a narrow zone. This lighting works best when a milky white bulb is used in this lighting on a dark colored wall.

Triangle Lighting
Img : slatic

6. Cubical Lighting – A cubical lighting spread an equal amount of light in all four directions. Thus, it is best to place on a wall adjoining kitchen or a library. Also, you can get it installed on a false ceiling to increase the depth of the triangle lighting.

Cubical Lighting
Img : effect-fess

7. Rectangular Lighting – Enhance the beauty of paintings on the wall by placing this lighting on the wall.  Also, you can opt for an angle-based rectangular lighting to maximize the impact of rectangular lighting at your home.

Rectangular Lighting
Img : coolhousez

These seven types of geometric lighting elevate the look of a home and keep the environment pleasant all the time. Also, you can use these lights according to your home décor.