Best Soil-free Plants to offer Home Décor a Green Look

We have always heard that soil is an essential component for plants. But, interestingly there are some indoor plants that can be grown without soil. In fact, many people love plants but get scared with the idea of gardening. So, if you are one of those then go through this post and check out the best soil-free plants to let the pure air flow through the abode without getting the hands dirty.

Best Soil-free Plants home decor idea
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Epiphytes are the tropical orchids and they grow on the plant instead of soil. The roots of this plant are covered in a squishy membrane that has the feature to stock up the water from the environment. You can shop for these orchids plants in a beautifully planted vase but, in reality the same only grows on a stem.

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The other name of this green is air plant. The Tillandsias grow up in the air and not on soil. There are over 650 varieties of this plant offer bright blooms and the rosette formation of the leaves offer give a look and the plant also restore water from the atmosphere.

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Aechmea is a member of Bromeliad family that fall under the variety of tropical plants. Only a small quantity of soil is necessary to grow this plant. The Aechmea can be placed in both light and shady areas and there are zero pests that make it fresh and a safe plant. This plant is only considered to a best gift in many parts of the world.

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Bamboo Plant

The lucky bamboo also known as Dracaena sanderiana is a perfect plant to grow without soil. This plant is usually grown hydroponically. You simply need a glass of water and an inch deep vase along with some pebbles or gravels to make the bamboo stand straight.

Bamboo Plant
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This is an adaptable houseplant and offers lush green sight. The plant can be grown in sunlight and shade and require a little amount of water. Cut the plant into two and submerge them into a glass or a small jar of water and the roots in the same will start forming in 7-10 days.

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7 Decorative Items to Enhance Home Beauty

A home is the most comfortable place to live, rejoice, reinvent and explore the inner soul. Thus, keeping the atmosphere happy and beautiful are the two main concerns. So, now we are suggesting you some interesting and funky home décor ideas to make the home look alluring all the time. Hence, scroll down the post and use these ideas to elevate the home beauty.

Decorative Items to Enhance Home Beauty
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1. Textured Throw Pillows

The throw pillow evaluates the overall look of a living room as the placing of these cushions on the couch, sofa and chairs offer an opulent look. The tie and dye fabric, knotted and knitted are some of the types available in textured pillows. So, choose any of the prints that go well with the wall paint and home décor ambiance.

Textured Throw Pillows
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2. Kitchen Rug

The kitchen is, of course, the heart of a home and thus keeping the same nice and clean make it look classy. Thus, we suggest lying of a kitchen rug in the cooking junction as the chilling season is making the floor too cold to stand on.

Kitchen Rug
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3. Tufted Area Rug

Bring home this kind of rug crafted from a hard material. These are available in multiple colour combinations and designs. So, pick the best according to the home décor and escalate the overall interiors. Also, make sure to set the sofa and chairs on the inner edge of this rug as it has a major possibility to get toppled or folded from the sides which might cause injury.

Tufted Area Rug
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4. Wall Scones

These lights are best suitable to illuminate the interiors. The wooden, glass-based, metal and iron are some of the varieties available in wall scone décor. So, pick these lights in sync with the area such as living room, bedroom, study, lobby and more.

Wall Scones
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5. Wooden Frames

Add a rustic look to the home by hanging these wooden frames. The photographs are said to be the memories that are cherished forever. So, add a dash of style to these pictures by using solid coloured wooden frames. The aqua coloured ones are trending this season.

Wooden Frames
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6. Jar Candles

Lit the mood for dinner by decorating the dining table or the area with these jar candles. There are multiple sizes and shapes available in this home décor item as it also includes scented candles that offer fragrance of rosemary, jasmine and more.

Jar Candles
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7. Wooden Blinds

The winter season is making everyone feel the chill and thus the installation of wooden blinds are the best option. These blinds can be opened at an angle from where the sun can peek inside while restricting the unwanted heat.

Wooden Blinds
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So, bring home these marvelous home décor items and make the abode look spectacular.

Best Canvas Paintings Ideas to Decorate a Home

A home looks classy when the walls are decorated with paintings. Thus we are suggesting some beautiful Canvas Painting Ideas to decorate a home. Today, the availability of 3D and Digital Paintings had made home décor easy but the paintings crafted via traditional techniques bring prints to life like no other. So, go through this blog post and know ideas to decorate a home with canvas paintings:

Canvas Painting Ideas
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Geometrical Painting

You might feel that painting geometrical designs must be easy but actually, they are not. This is because the artist has to manage the edges, curves, depth and other dimensions of these paintings. So, enhance the beauty of your bedroom with geometrical paintings as a relationship also has their highs and lows similar to the geometric shapes. Remember to match the colour scheme with the wall paint.

Geometrical Painting
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Madhubani Painting

It won’t be wrong to call Madhubani Paintings an identity of India. In fact, each of these paintings tells a story. So, bring home the one that matches with your life and give home décor a lively feel. Also, you can enhance the lobby or entrance area with this painting as a Madhubani Painting gives an aesthetic look.

Madhubani Painting
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Long Art Work

This is an artwork crafted with the help of a brush. A home can be decorated with spectacular modern and contemporary design. You can shop for any long art painting to enhance the décor of a living room, bedroom or any other arena.

Long Art Work
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Warli painting

Warli painting is a traditional tribal painting of the Maharashtra state and geometrical shapes are the main elements of this painting as a circle, triangle, rectangle and other denotes different elements of nature. Decorate your home with Warli painting similar to the tribals who decorate their clay-made huts with these paintings. You can also elevate the home décor with warli painting like a supporting wall in this image.

Warli Painting
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Whimsical Painting

This purple-coloured fanciful image is best suitable to hang or place on the table top. By adding this kind of painting to home décor you can actually get inspired to chase the dreams. There are multiple designs available in Whimsical painting to choose from. Thus you are suggested to shop for the one that is close to your dreams.

Whimsical Painting
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Knife Painting

Decorate home this spectacular knife painting and many more. This painting technique adds multiple textures and layers to artwork and then forms a masterpiece that has the ability to elevate the look of home décor. Interestingly, knife paintings are available in large and extra-large sizes that can cover the entire wall space.

Knife Painting
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Venice Water Oil Painting

This beautiful looking painting is crafted with oil paints and thus you can also add colours to life with this type of art. These designs look opulent and thus choose the one can suit the room and wall paint along with other home décor items.

Venice Water Oil Painting
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5 Best Winter Decoration Ideas in 2019

The New Year bought the chilling winter breeze and thus the home décor needs a change. So, get ready to enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere right from the living room to bedroom and in the veranda area. As here we are listing some beautiful looking home décor ideas for winter. Hence, scroll down the blog post and have a look at these smart ideas to decorate a home for the winter season.


1. Rustic Look

Give your bedroom a rustic look by designing the walls. You are suggested to highlight a wall by installing stones or by placing wallpaper that gives a stone-like feel. The choice is yours but don’t think about applying the stone-design idea on all the walls as it will create a cold atmosphere. So, simply add a rustic look to the personal space. Apart from this, get a fireplace installed inside the wall and the golden-coloured decorative lamps placed on the side table will upbeat the mood.

Rustic Look
Img : theviphouse

2. Cozy Cushions

Get the living room designed in a cozy manner. So, place some fancy cushions like the one made from old sweaters, designer wool and more. Also, the placing of a rug/carpet and a handwoven blanket on the couch will create a cozy atmosphere. You can keep the living room warm by lighting up lamps and some aromatic candles.

Cozy Cushions
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3. Colour Splash

The use of bright colours during winter keeps chilling vibes at bay. So, bring home a colourful rug or a carpet and enhance the interiors. Also, the placing of a solid coloured sofa-set along with two leather-stitched chairs is a perfect home décor for the winter season. A home décor can be highlighted by illuminating multiple designer lamps in the room. Make sure you keep some bright coloured flowers on the table to feel fresh.

Colour Splash
Img : decoist

4. Contemporary Look

The shades or curtain as they are commonly known must be used to decorate a home during the winter season. We suggest you hang these curtains in the kitchen or the lobby area as it is easy to let the sunrays come inside. Also, it gives a sunny vibe, especially during the winter season. The placing of plants near these curtains offers an organic home décor feel.

Contemporary Look
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5. Exterior Décor

Witness a beautiful sunset view while sitting in the balcony or the garden area. Also, lit some aromatic candles on the coffee table and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also place a simple candle in a mug full of coffee beans as it will upbeat the mood.

Exterior Décor
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7 Quintessential Tips for Home Décor this Season

A home is always the best place to relax and thus some quintessential tips to decorate the abode can help you elevate the overall ambiance of the place. So, here in this blog post, we are listing some amazing ideas to make sure the world’s best-living place i.e. a home look awe-inspiring. Hence, roll down the cursor and check out the ideas to decorate your own planet called HOME.

Home Décor Tips
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1. Vintage Style

The wooden shelves and a chair in sync with the sofa set give a proper vintage look. We also suggest placing of a wooden stool as it not only adds extra seating space but also offer a place to keep articles like books, mobile and other things handy. Don’t forget to place a center table with a slim border of a dark golden colour as it will match with the wooden décor and vintage ambiance of the room.

Vintage Style Home Decor
Img : southernliving

2. Personified Fabric

Everything used as a home décor defines your style. Thus, we suggest selecting fabric that reflects you. So, instead of going by the trend choose the fabric and texture that will make you comfortable. Some people like bright colours, for example choose a royal blue or a purple colour for sofa or chairs but in a less glossy texture. This will give a minimalistic home décor look as the bright colour here will have a subtle look.

Personified Fabric Look For Home
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3. Rustic Look

The bedroom is, of course, a private space and thus it should have a home décor that can make you feel relaxed. So, rustic is the word for relaxation as the headboard crafted with jute and cotton-bed linen set the mood to unwind.  Also, the combination of jute and cotton is impeccable as it also offers a chic look.

Rustic Look For Bedroom
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4. Mirror Décor

This home décor is enough to add a royal look to the abode. But, the wrong placement of the mirror décor can ruin the entire interior. So, make sure not to place the reflective glass aka mirror opposite or in front of the window. This is so because the daylight and the reflective attribute of the mirror result in starburst kind of atmosphere. So, place the mirror décor as shown in the image and add a royal look to the home décor.

Mirror Décor Idea for home
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5. Shades of Lamp

Firstly, forget the typical floor lamp and explore the ways to decorate home with any such design. The placing of a side table lamp on the tabletop that has a wall of memory right above will add warmness to the room. There are multiple ways to decorate home with the lamps.

Shades of Lamp
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6. Raindrop Chandelier

This artistic design is trending now a days. But, as always we say don’t shop for what is in trend but think about the space and set up you have at home. This kind of chandelier is just perfect for a long-sized dining table say for 10 or 16-chaired dining table as it will have enough roof space to cover.

Raindrop Chandelier
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7. Earthy Tones

Never forget your roots and this home décor says exactly the same. The slanting roof and a shelf rack offering multiple spaces to keep books, antiques, TV set and more is a cool home décor idea.  You can actually make a wise use of the space in this manner as it adds multiple dimensions to the place called home.

Earthy Tones
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