Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?

Greater Noida West has grown into a much sought-after residential hub of the National Capital Region. Catering to the mid-segment buyers as well as the HNIs, this market has something for everyone. A neighbourhood, that was once just a piece of barren land, has now come on the real estate map of NCR and competes with established markets of Noida and Delhi. So, how did this locality rise to the point of being a preferred investment destination in NCR?

Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?
Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?

Let us talk about the factors that turned Greater Noida West into a real estate gem-


For any locality, infrastructure is the first and foremost quality that attracts builders to set up their projects and investors to park their money. As soon as the government started building expressways that led to far-off corners of Greater Noida, developers started buying land parcels. The area is undergoing a well-planned development; roads are gradually reaching the neglected corners of the city. Though it will still take time for the infrastructure to match other established areas, the pace at which the locality is improving itself is impressive. Social infrastructure is also catching up. Focusing on industrial, commercial and educational development across the neighbourhood, proper hubs like Knowledge Hub and Techzone-IV have been planned.


Connectivity is a major factor that makes Greater Noida West a wonderful location. The place is already connected to Delhi through Noida via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. More connectivity options are rapidly coming up in and around the area. DND Flyway, NH-24 and Yamuna Expressway can also be reached within no time. Such great accessibility makes Greater Noida West a very important place for making an investment.

Real Estate

Developers started thronging the developable areas of Greater Noida West as soon as they saw signs of upcoming growth. And now, there are very few locations that are left vacant. In the coming 2-3 years, more than 2.5 lakh residential units will be up for possession or already occupied. Commercial projects are also found in abundance such as Home & Soul Boulevard Walk that offers world-class retail spaces and serviced apartments. Being an affordable destination, it is great for long-term investment and for end-users who wish to live there for a long time horizon. Once the area is completely developed, guaranteed returns will flow.

Future Projections

Greater Noida West is showing rapid development. By the end of 2016, several projects will be up for possession both in residential and commercial segment. Affordability is the major factor that attracts buyers and investors. In future, more improvement in infrastructure and civic amenities will be found in this prime locality. Immense returns will flow in.

H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!

Were you always looking for a project that offered finest residential units amidst sheer magnificence? Well, your search ends right here! Home and Soul brings to you their marvelous creation in Jaypee Sports City, Yamuna Expressway- H&S Beetle Lap. It is one of the most talked about projects in the National Capital Region (NCR) and presents spacious and well-constructed apartments in 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations. For the Indian young professionals, it is the best place for starting a life in NCR as it offers world-class amenities and all other conveniences of a modern lifestyle.

H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!
H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!

Located just along Yamuna Expressway, H&S Beetle Lap is easily accessible from all nooks and corners of the NCR. Some of the locational advantages of the project include:

  • Adjoining the International Cricket Stadium

  • 30 min from Sector 18, Noida

  • Golf Course within the planned city complex

  • Overlooking the Formula One Race Track

  • Proximity to upcoming metro station

  • FNG Corridor is nearby

  • Proposed airport is also in proximity

  • Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is close by

Being a sports-centered project, Beetle Lap has been equipped with some state of the art facilities like gymnasium, meditation garden, jogging track, cycling track and fitness center. Other recreational amenities are also presented by the builders which include a multi-cuisine restaurant, private terrace, splash pool, party lawn, daily convenience store and a grand clubhouse. It comes with an option to choose between apartments or the grand penthouses that have views opening into ample greens of the landscaped gardens. To make home buying easier and hassle-free for the people, H&S has also come up with some innovative payment plans like super flexi payment plan and subvention plan. Beetle Lap is a wonderful project to make an investment and to earn handsome returns in the future.

Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

Technology has made everything rise above their physical forms and be available on several virtual platforms. Everything from paying bills to buying cars can now be done at the click of a button. Real estate has also become advanced and Smart Cities in India have also come up. The new name given to these technologically efficient homes is ‘Smart Homes’. Smart homes are not only a rising trend in the market but also the need of the hour.

Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’
Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

What are Smart Homes?

A Smart Home is a technologically intelligent house. It offers a comprehensive network of integrated devices that are used to monitor and control your home functions connected with a single operation interface which may be a mobile, tablet or even PC. It offers an integrated solution for communication, entertainment and security functions of your home. The mundane tasks of your home can be carried out even when you are not physically present at that location. Drawing the curtains, watering plants, heating or cooling the swimming pool water, switching the light on or off- all this can be done remotely.

How are Smart Homes beneficial?

Smart homes are definitely beneficial in the sense that they make things convenient and efficient for the residents. It is extremely helpful for the differently abled and senior citizens who find it difficult to carry out such tasks by themselves. Many a times, we forget a few things before leaving home such as switching off the lights or turning off the stove. But if you are the proud owner of a smart home, you can be sure about it and do the same sitting in your office or while on the way. Since all other devices in a smart home are connected to a single interface, they can all run on your command.

How to find the right Smart Home?

Smart Homes are now developed by some of the well-known developers of the country. We still lag behind many other countries who have expertise in home automation services. In India, the concept is still in its initial stage. Home automation services can also be installed in an older home. Several companies offer such services. You must first know what you need and then take the right decision according to your choices and budget. Also, don’t forget to get the guarantee documentation before signing the deal. Converting your traditional home into a smart home is a costly affair. So spend your money wisely.

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’

Every other real estate billboard on the highways is about ‘Luxury Homes’. But have you ever wondered what gives a project the title of a ‘luxury home’? No, the ostentatious facade does not make it luxury; it is a lot more than that. A combination of a few elements compiled together make a home lavish and give it the status symbol everyone runs after. Today we will talk about some such elements.

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’
The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’


Yes, size does matter, especially a lot in the real estate world. The first thing about luxury homes is the size. It usually starts with 3 BHK and can go upto 6 BHK for a villa like construction. Attached washrooms, balconies with every room and vast hall spaces are needed to brand a home as luxury. Garage, a state-of-the-art kitchen island and dining hall along with servant’s room are some of the modern definitions given to a luxury home.

Height of the Rooms

The floor to ceiling height also matters to grant that status symbol to the luxury projects. It should practically be more than 12 feet for a luxury home. It is one of the most important criteria to be fulfilled; otherwise the project cannot be classified as luxury.

Security Features

One does not splurge on a luxury home to get the old conventional features. Something extraordinarily modern is a must. State-of-the-art security measures are offered in the homes such as CCTV surveillance, video door phone, round the clock personnel supervision, etc.

Posh Location

Location is very important for ultra-luxury homes. You would not want to live in a palatial home located in a crowded middle-class area. A sophisticated neighbourhood boasts of good connectivity across the city, green surrounding, proximity to the airport and adequate availability of all civic amenities. Living in a classy neighbourhood surrounded by the homes of well-known people is everybody’s dream.

Lavish Amenities

Once all the above criteria are fulfilled, then comes the amenities. Swimming pools and gymnasium are now available in all projects. The amenities that classify as luxury include infinity pool, spa, jacuzzi, barbeque pit, wine cellars and custom-made outdoor kitchens and patios. Inbuilt heating and cooling systems are also provided in some of the projects.

Class and Quality

It is true that class comes with a better quality and with the brand name that is attached to the project. Luxury homes boast of a high quality construction and design by international architects and planners. This professional difference adds to the luxury factor as well as to the cost of these projects.

Luxury homes have a professional difference from the traditional non-luxury projects and this is what defines them. The extra price is paid for these luxuries and it is well worth it.

Serviced Apartments: Bringing ‘Home and Hospitality’ Together

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short term or long term stays, providing all hotel-like amenities. The term ‘serviced apartments’ is an umbrella term covering all the brand models, some with high levels of service and other will less fancy-frills helping the guests and operators maintain their budget. Serviced apartments also offer services such as cleaning, utilities, Wi-Fi, TV, etc.

Serviced Apartments: Bringing ‘Home and Hospitality’ Together
Serviced Apartments: Bringing ‘Home and Hospitality’ Together

These apartments can range from budget to deluxe and the rooms can range from studio apartments to two or three bedroom apartments. Studio apartment is one spacious efficient unit which can be used as a living or sleeping area with a little kitchenette and separate bathroom.

These luxurious serviced apartments are affordable alternatives to the expensive hotels offering the comfort, space and luxuries of private residences coupled with 5-Star amenities. These apartments have a good workforce and a horde of world-class services pampering the guests.

Some such services offered by these apartments include:

  • Housekeeping services like daily cleaning, laundry services, etc.

  • Transportation with tour and travel assistance

  • Business services like high speed Wi-Fi, concierge service, on site ATM and bank facilities, etc.

The serviced apartments are built with the clients in mind. They can be short stay accommodation or long stay rentals for corporate or leisure travelers. They range from fully equipped studios to 4-5 bedrooms for long lease. Most of these apartments are well placed near business and leisure hubs which make it a preferred choice for business travelers. Some of the newly built serviced apartments are fully loaded with complete entertainment sets like private lounge, pool table, projector screen and other indoor facilities.

One of the recently launched serviced apartments project in NCR is H&S Boulevard Walk. Developed by Home & Soul, the project offers a royal treatment to its residents at its hotel apartments. Consisting of a fully furnished drawing room, bedroom and a modern style bathroom, it provides you with everything you need at home while enjoying a hotel-like stay. H&S Boulevard Walk truly stands for- “A home away from home.”