Energy-efficient Home: A Growing Trend in Realty Market

The Indian real estate market is witnessing a change and the elite class buyers are also switching to energy-efficient homes. Thus, the developers and architects are coming together to build green homes that will offer something more than vertical gardens. So, if you also plan to buy an energy-efficient residential property then go through this blog post and know the essentials of a green home.

Energy Efficient Home

1. Design Smart

Discuss the layout with architects and also explain requirements as designing a green home is no less than a task. Remember that everything depends upon the size so plan accordingly and try to make optimum utilization of the land by adding the energy-efficient mechanism as it will reflect in the utility bills and the health of your loved ones. So, do not hesitate about discussing innovative ideas to build a green home.

2. Use Eco-friendly Material

This concept is of utmost importance as a lot depends upon the raw material. So, opt for the grey-coloured flyash bricks and Drywall technology as they are the pillars of eco-friendly buildings. These materials not only create a clean and pollution-free atmosphere to live in but they are also helpful to bring down the construction cost and this can will make you add more energy-efficient things to the residential structure.

3. Insulated Doors and Windows

The installation of insulated doors and windows to the home balances the heat released by the stuff used to craft them. However, the accurate size and installation direction also play an important role in the designing of an energy-efficient home structure. The addition of Floor-to-Ceiling [F2C] windows ensures ample daylight that can also be restricted by hanging a bamboo chic.

4. Ventilation System

Another essential of an energy-efficient residential building is proper ventilation. The windows at home ensure proper flow of air and along with this leakage-proof pipes are also important to be fitted. Apart from this, the skylights also play a pivotal role in offering proper ventilation.

5. Energy-efficient Lighting

Replace the regular lights at home with LED ones and minimize the power bill. The energy-efficient lights not bring the bill amount down but also give you a chance to illuminate every corner of an abode. Today, the market has a wide arrange of LED light options and thus you can give a stellar look to a green home.

6. Solar Panels

What about producing electricity for self-consumption? Well, the availability of compact solar panels and the Government subsidy on the installation of the same makes Solar a perfect way to build an energy-efficient home. Not just this, you can also sell the excess power generated from the solar panel and yield a good Return on Investment.

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