Duplex: A Preferred Investment Option among Millennial Home Buyers

The Indian real estate market has been witnessing a huge jump in the luxury housing market due to the increasing buying trend from the millennial. It may be a villa, a penthouse or a duplex; all of them have become a common investment option among home buyers. However, these days, a duplex apartment is gaining immense popularity. Want to know the reason, then read this blog?

Duplex Apartments

Duplex Apartment

A duplex apartment is a combination of two flats that may be adjacent to each other or one above the other on two floors connected via a stairway. Such units may have different or single entryway but the kitchen and dining room remains the same. There are two types of duplex units:

A single storey unit is constructed on the same floor (adjoining two apartments together) with a common entry point.

On the other hand, a double storey duplex unit is built on two different floors and connected via a staircase with a common or different entry point. Because of different entry points, the whole apartment looks bigger and spacious.

Benefits of a Duplex Apartment

Private and Spacious

The major advantage of investing in a duplex unit is that it is completely private and at the same time is spacious. With a change in décor and design trends, millennials want their homes to look different and attractive. So, with lots of space available, you can design your separate lobby area, small balcony outside your room, or a terrace-garden on the top to spend quality time with family members.

Moreover, if your family is big, then all the members can easily accommodate under one roof.

Better Price Appreciation

Due to features like spacious and privacy, a duplex unit is a preferred investment option among buyers and hence such homes witness high price appreciation as compared to other luxury villas and apartments.

Additional Income Source

A duplex unit is a good source if you want to earn additional income from it. Suppose, you have a small family that can easily accommodate on a single floor, then, in that case, you can easily rent out the other floor to earn rental income.

Affordable Option

A duplex unit costs much less as compared to hi-end villas or penthouse. So, you can earn a premium unit in less investment and enjoy a comfortable and cozy life.

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