Trends Impacting Luxury Housing Market in India

With major implementations in the Indian real estate market like RERA, GST, and insolvency code, the housing market has witnessed a major jump across all the segments especially the luxury class. The segment which was once favourable amongst the hi-end, HNI and NRI buyers is today attracting even the upper-middle class section too.

luxury home trends

However, the main reason behind this momentum is due to a shift in the buyer’s mind from being domestic to look for globally-designed homes. These changing trends have resulted in a positive impact on the luxury housing market. Take a look at various other trends and innovations that have led to a growth in the popularity of luxury homes in India:

Affordable Luxury

With more and more affordable homes taking over the market, how can the luxury class remain untouched? To attract upper-middle-class buyers, today most of the developers are coming up with such projects that are both luxurious and budget-friendly. However, most of these projects are launched in tier-2 cities.

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Home Automation

This is another trend which is a part of almost every luxury home. Home automation is acting as an added advantage for the developers to woo NRI buyers. From making your home secure to detecting gas leakage, fire detection, entertainment, energy-saving, mood-setting lighting and much more, the innovations in the home automation world have changed the face of luxury living.

Theme-based Housing

Popular in the international residential market, today themed-housing has become a part of Indian luxury homes. Under this, the housing project is developed on a certain theme like nature, beach house, sports, Spanish, roman, etc. to provide homebuyers a global lifestyle. These projects are crafted with brilliant architecture and are equipped with theme-based amenities and facilities.

Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes is also a global trend which is gaining popularity amongst the uber-riches as well as HNIs of India. These are customized luxury homes that come with contemporary and innovative designs, international-level architectural, graceful décor and exclusive amenities like private lifts, plunge pool, Jacuzzis and personal car-parking These units mostly fall in the range of 6 to 35 crores and hence only 5-10 such units can be found in a luxury project.

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