Best Mural Painting Ideas for Living Room

Artwork offers an impeccable finish to the home décor and thus unique masterpiece is an ideal option. But, instead of opting for the traditional concept like change in fabrics, we suggest wall mural ideas for living room to offer an opulent look.

Mural Painting Ideas for Living Room

Wall Murals

Give home a palatial look by adding this chic looking wall mural. The beautiful yellow-coloured flowers with sparrows sitting on the real-looking branches add freshness to the living room. This is one of the best living room décor ideas as it also enhances the ambiance of the gadget placed arena of a home.

Wall Mural Ideas

Landscape Mural

Highlight a wall of a capacious living room with a landscape mural as it turns the big plain wall into an artwork. The selection of landscape wall mural design varies according to the requirements, style and perspective of people.

Landscape Wall Mural Idea

3D Wall Mural

Make use of technology to the fullest and craft a brilliant 3D wall mural for the living room. The addition of bright colours in such artwork makes it look appealing. A theme-based design is a good option to decorate the living room with a 3D wall mural.

3D Wall Mural Idea

Cherry Blossom Mural Painting

One out of many mural painting concepts is the Cherry blossom mural artwork. You can make the living room look spectacular with this floral painting. Else opt for other concepts like Chinese mural art, Japanese mural artwork and South Asian wall mural designs for the living room.

Cherry Blossom Wall Mural Idea

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