Stylish Home Décor Ideas for Ganpati Puja

Only a few days are left for the arrival of Lord Ganesha and thus home décor ideas for Ganpati Puja 2019 are the first thing on the mind. So, instead of going for the regular decoration we suggest you read this blog post that offer simple yet elegant ideas to decorate a home for Ganpati Utsav 2019.

Ganesh Chaturthi
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Simple and Sophisticated

This is one of the most simple décor ideas for Ganpati puja. The placing of medium-sized Ganesha idol on a table covered with silk fabric leaves a chic impression. Also, the lighting of Diyas all around let the room dazzle like gold. You can choose a perfect idol from a range of options like this one where Lord Ganesha is sitting on a leaf while showering blessing.

Simple and Sophisticated look Ganpati
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Wedding Affair

Happiness and joy are at the highest level during this festivity and thus creates a wedding like atmosphere where family and friends gather to enjoy every moment. So, the addition of a saree in the backdrop along with jhoomar as the hanging lifts the mood. Add streamers and lighting to the room and enhance the spirit of festival.

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Sunshine Brightness

Bright colours are always appealing and thus the blend of yellow and orange offers an impeccable look. So, design the background wall in dual-tone ribbons and hang garlands of marigold flowers on them at a specific distance. The curvy light strings on these ribbons reflect some fantastic design and thus is a smart home décor idea for Ganpati puja 2019.

Sunshine Brightness Ganpati
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Welcome Prosperity

Tortoise is said to bring prosperity inside the home and thus the arrival of Lord Ganesha on his back is a strong indication of success coming your way. So, bring home this kind of idol and decorate the same with least possible things like bamboo plant and fresh flowers. This is an elegant home décor idea for Ganapati décor this year.

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