Know Why Sky Villas are gaining Momentum among India’s Uber Riches

With Indian luxury market gaining momentum among the up class segment at a fast pace, developers are coming up with niche ideas to attract more such buyers. Among all, Sky villas are one of the finest examples which nowadays are becoming popular and favourable among the uber riches as well as HNIs.

Sky Villas
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Sky villas are an elite mix of an apartment and a villa where your home starts from the top floor only. Due to increasing global interface and international design trends, these villas are becoming the first choice of today’s Millennials. Even the HNIs who love to invest in private luxury villas prefer such premium homes.

premium home
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These villas particularly span on an entire floor or two or more floor of a building. The residences are designed with world-class architecture and design and are mostly equipped with hi-end amenities to provide residents a resort-like private living style.

sky villa look
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As said, a sky villa is a mix of both apartment and penthouse or a villa, so the amenities enjoyed by residents comprise of both i.e. luxury as well as opulence. Some of the common facilities provided in such residential units are home theatre lounge, mini gym, master bedroom with walk-in closets, electronic surveillance, private gardens, plunge pools, sundecks, and concierge on call.

sky villa
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At the same time, the units are so spacious that one can easily create their own private space and enjoy the coziness of nature as well as the surroundings. The rooms are well-lit and provide ample flow of natural light and air in the whole environ.

sky villa
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Because of all such exclusivities, these villas pricing falls on the higher front and thus these are more common among affluent business class, HNIs, and NRIs. Some of the premium projects in this segment are Gables by the Bay – Goa, SKYDHAM Sky Villas – Mumbai, Azalea – Thrissur, Central Park Sky villas-Gurgaon, etc.

sky villas
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So, seeing the current momentum and a fall of the uber-class towards this niche yet luxury segment, the demand of sky villas in the Indian real estate market is all set to take over the ultra-luxury segment in coming few years.

sky villa
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