7 Flower Décor Ideas for Home during Celebration Time

You might be stepping out to buy flowers to decorate the home, but this year make the celebration special in an aesthetic manner as we suggest some amazing flower decoration ideas to style the abode. All the floral décor listed below will surely offer an opulent look to a home and to find out which are those flowers you need to scroll down the post.

Flower Decoration Idea

1. Church Floral Décor

The bright yellow coloured sunflowers along with other florals in the same colour will surely enhance the look of a home. You are suggested to place these beautiful looking flowers on the coffee table of a living room. Also, the placing of a few greens in between the flowers creates a magical combination and make the mood happy.

Church Floral Décor
Img : 24spaces

2. Spring Floral Décor

Don’t go by name as this flower decoration idea is best suitable to make a home look beautiful during the festive time. The placing of different species of flowers in a linear position and a half-filled glass offers an exotic look. Also, the fragrance and the freshness of these florals add positivity in to environment.

Spring Floral Décor
Img : teaworthy

3. Cartwheel Floral Décor

 This flower decoration idea is, of course, different and is suitable for a home with multiple hanging spaces or shelves. You can keep this vintage looking home décor item on the tabletop or can also hang the same with the roof. The use of seasonal flowers in this décor is the best thing about it. However, you can choose the colours according to the wall paint.

Cartwheel Floral Décor
Img : laowaiblog

4. Creative Garden Decor

Give the open space a nice and celebratory look by adding this flower décor to it. The transparent bottles hanged in a non-linear manner and the variety of florals will add majestic fragrance in the air. Let everyone enjoy the quality time while breathing in the freshness of flowers this year end.

Creative Garden Decor
Img : weddbook

5. Cabbage Rose Bunch

This is an exotic variety of rose which actually grabs a lot of attention. The volume of these roses and the colour shades are the best elements of this flower décor. We suggest you choose the roses in that suits your personality as the things around us are the reflection of our personality.

Cabbage Rose Bunch
Img : heavenlyhomesandgardens

6. Rustic Floral Décor

The nights during winters are darker and the fog flowing through makes the atmosphere spine-chilling. Thus, add some warmness in the temperature by hanging this rustic flower décor as the illumination of candles and the flowers together will set the party mood.

Rustic Floral Décor
Img : designlisticle

7. Roses & Carnations

This duo of rose and carnation flowers offers a party mood. You can place these flowers on a dining table or a coffee table to enhance the look of the place. Also, the bunch of red roses and pink clove carnation also looks good but it all depends upon your choice.

Roses & Carnations
Img : 52weeks52flowers