7 Best Container Plant Décor Ideas to Style Your Home

Plants are the one thing that almost every person like and thus we all have a small garden or few planters at home? But, the change in lifestyle changed the way gardening take place and the innovation gave planters a new name i.e. Containers. Yes, so here are ways to elevate home decoration with these best containers planted with your favorite greens:

Plant Décor Ideas
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1. Round-Plastic Containers – Bring home these lemon-green coloured containers and plant some dark green plants in them. Place these planters in the living room either in the corner or any other place where they can get enough of sunlight and fresh air. This is so because you need to be extra careful while planting greens inside a home as the continuous moisture generation can leave your plants dead.

Plants Plastic Containers
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2. Replace Your Earthen Pots – Break the traditional style of planting greens and bring in the plastic containers that are a replica of the earthen pots. Place these pots on the wall shelve in the lobby area and plant some stylish and English plants which are purely the green ones. The placing of a mirror right behind the pots offers an alluring look to the entire place.

Earthen Pots
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3. Go Green with Recycled Paper Containers – You must have a huge bunch of newspapers which goes into a scrape. So, collect all the newspapers and get them recycled into beautiful looking plant containers. You can have a fresh edible plant by sowing seeds in them or can offer a picture-perfect look to a window at home with a small leaf popping out from a stem. You can plant any green which can later be transferred into the big container.

Recycled Paper Containers
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4. Grow Edible Plants in Containers – Create a kitchen garden at home by placing these multiple-sized and coloured containers. You can enjoy delicious home-cooked food by adding flavours of fresh basil, parsley, rosemary and other edibles. Make sure to keep the plant container clean and make sure the plants get ample sunlight.

Grow Edible Plants in Containers
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5. Hanging Containers – Offer a contemporary style to your home by hanging these beautiful looking plant containers that attract many eyeballs. Buy the containers that match with the exterior paint of your balcony or the home. This offers a smart and stylish look to a heaven on earth called home.

Hanging Containers
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6. Round Rustic Containers – This metallic coloured plant container is a smart option to place at home especially on a festival or a celebration time. The glittery looks of this planter automatically upbeat the mood and makes you enjoy the happiness all around.

Round Rustic Containers
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7. Containers for Porch Area – Let some refreshing fruits and other edibles grow at home by placing a rectangular contains in the porch area. This kind of planter is best suitable to grow onions, carrots, celery and more. In fact, grow tomatoes and more in this container and stay relaxed from the weekly visit to hypermarket for buying fresh vegetables.

Containers for Porch Area
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