Paper Artwork – Style That Never Goes Off Trend

You must be using paper bags instead of plastic ones as a step towards eco-friendly lifestyle. But, now you can contribute more towards the green environment as we let you know how to use a fine piece of paper to escalate the home décor. Take a look at the below given paper artwork and revamp the interiors of your living paradise now!!!

Paper Artwork
Img : mamak

Quilling Paper Artwork – This aesthetic design of marine-queen alias fish is made from the quilling paper art. The synchronization between sharp and soft curves of the paper offers an alluring look to the entire image. Currently, the good luck charm and zodiac designs are trending as home décor items made from paper.

Quilling Paper Artwork
Img : amazingpunch

Paper Made Bowl – This bowl is a paper artwork made from colour papers which have been artistically shaped. This is light in weight and offers an unusual look to the place such as the table top in a lobby or to the coffee table/corner you have in the spacious living arena.

Paper Made Bowl
Img : artmajeur

Paper Vase – The paper carving as vase is a creative thing. So, bring this creative flower pot home and enhance the home décor. Also, an orange colour paper will offer a bright effect especially when it is placed in front of a light-coloured wall.

Paper Vase
Img : ytimg

Paper Flower Bouquet – This Pink Ombre Bouquet is crafted from the mini pink paper which has a soft touch. We suggest you place the bouquet of same colour flowers with the mix of shades as it gives a chic look.

Paper Flower Bouquet
Img : pinimg

Paper Lamp – Offer a different look to the room by hanging this beautifully-designed paper lamp. Place a transparent or any coloured light according to the choice and let the space dazzle.

Paper Lamp
Img : instructables

Vintage Paper Wallart – Highlight any wall at home by fixing this paper artwork. Interestingly, you can get the old novels, postcards, notebook or book printed in this manner and enhance the overall ambiance of the place.

Vintage Paper Wallart
Img : alphacoders

Tropical Wall Décor – This paper artwork is known as the tropical wall décor as the paper is cut and shaped like the flowers that bloom in the tropical region. This paper artwork looks alluring particularly when crafted with white colour paper.

Tropical Wall Décor
Img : vestiageinc

Paper Curtain – Choose the design that suits your style as these delicate home décor items have everything that is essential to grab eyeballs. Hang this paper artwork in the lobby entrance or the porch area to enhance the ambiance.

Paper Curtain
Img : elo7