Reflect your Persona: Eight best Mirror Designs for Home

The mirror is a glass coated metal that depicts clear image. Therefore it is widely used in bathroom and dressing space. But, today the idea of home décor has taken a transformational change. Thus, people love to style up their homes with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

But this doesn’t mean that you can place mirror designs anywhere in the home. In fact, there are particular spaces and ideas for mirror home decor.

So take a look at the below mentioned home arenas and give your place a reflective style.

1. Mirror in the Living Room – 

A living room is also the common space in home where the families spend quality time and welcome the guests. Thus, you must make this arena look ravishing and elite. So, add a diamond-shaped curtain line here and make the living room look awesome. Also, you can place a circular or rectangular-shaped mirror on a wall.

Mirror in the Living Room

2. Mirror Design for Lobby Area – 

The lobby connects the entire home. Thus, make this walking space look stunning with the shiny reflection of a mirror. We suggest you place a set of chairs and a table along with a mirror design of your choice. This complete set will elevate the entire lobby section at home.

2.Mirror Design for Lobby Area
Img : bench-forum

3. Reading Section – 

If you have a reading section at home then place an exquisite piece of mirror design here and set a relaxing mood. The artistic look of a mirror design in the reading section entices you to spend time while reading your favorite novel or any other book.

Reading Section
Img : multiscreensite

4. Dining Space – 

Experience a fine dining every time you visit this area. The long-sized mirrors create a poise atmosphere and thus elevate the overall beauty of the dining space. That’s not all, the expensive chandelier hanging on the ceiling reflects as a priceless showpiece in the mirror designs on the wall.

Dining Space
Img : universe

5. Mirror Design for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private space thus the choice here depends widely on the room space, requirement and taste of the person. So, try placing some simple yet sophisticated piece of mirror design and give your bedroom a complete new look.

Mirror Design for Bedroom
Img : areadomus

6. Mirror Design for Kitchen – 

A kitchen must look different from the entire home as this place holds a special place in the life of each one of us. After all, good food starts a good life. So, style up your kitchen with mirror cabinet doors and also decorate the open space between the cooking platform and the cabinets by placing the mirror here.

Mirror Design for Kitchen
Img : alarqdesign

7. Glass Outlet – 

The kitchen has multiple section under one roof therefore it is important to segregate the space accordingly and glass outlet is a new thing in mirror design. Make use of glass outlet in the kitchen and has a glam look for your cooking station.

Glass Outlet
Img : proglass4

8. Sliding Mirror Wardrobe – 

This is a superb idea to style up your home. Remove the traditional wooden wardrobe doors and get the sliding mirror wardrobe doors now. The sliding mirror doors can be placed in a single piece and wall tile design too. This gives a classic look to the room.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe
Img : handballtunisie

Give your home a perfect mirror finish with these mirror design ideas that reflect your style and persona.