Designer Lamps to Light Up Your Home

Every one must enlighten their living space as it brings in a lot of positivity, happiness and prosperity. So, begin your day with happiness by adding a touch of glow to your home. In fact, Wow is the word for you if, you enjoy putting up fancy lights all around the home. But, are you running out of options when it comes to buying designer lamps? Then, this blog post is a must-read. As today we unveil a range of designer lamps that will elevate the look of your place.

Of course, each room is different from other. Thus, you need different types of lamps to light up the corners and space in your home. But, you might find it difficult to choose lamps specifically. So, here are some designer lamps to light up your home.

1. Wall Lamps

The first one to list in this category is the Mendes Brushed Steel Plug-In Wall Lamp Set of 2. This type of lamp is best suitable for living space. The complete metallic finish of this lamp will offer an elegant touch to your living space. Also, the downward light positioning allows you to place focus on a particular thing. You can adjust the height of this lamp by tilting the lamp head light up and down. Apart from this lamp, you can also try:

Wall Lamps
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  • Tremont Brushed Steel Metal Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • Wray Black and Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp
  • Brushed Steel and Wood Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • House of Troy Double Oil Rubbed Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lamp

2. Ceiling Lamps

These lights have to be compatible with the mood. A bright ceiling light will spoil the party mood as no one feels like to enjoy with a harsh light falling on them. So, try to place some designer ceilings such as:

Ceiling Lamps
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  • Positivity Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light
  • Sketchy Giclee Glow 14″ Wide Ceiling Light
  • Four Corners Giclee 16″
  • Wide Semi-Flush Ceiling Light,Spirocraft Giclee Glow 14″
  • Wide Ceiling Light, Burlap Print Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light

You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs under this category.

3. Enter-Gate Lamps

 The entry is the first place that ascertains the look of your home. Also, the placing of chandeliers here must be accurate with two factors. One of the factors is size of the room and the last factor that constitute in choosing an entry-gate lamp is the height of the roof. As, an improper sized lamp here can make your place looks clumsy. Thus, you must showcase the style quotient by hanging chandeliers such as:

Enter-Gate Lamps
Img : amazon
  • Danube Crystal Strands 33″ Wide Pendant Chandelier
  • Swirled Iron Bronze Finish 2-Tier 26″ Wide Chandelier
  • Portola 29″ Wide Brushed Steel Chandelier
  • Tuscan Elegance Collection 21″
  • Varaluz Flow 18″ Wide Hammered Ore Pendant Light chandeliers

4. Floor Lamps

This lamp throws light on the seated people from above as the lamp has the support of a vertical pole. This pole can be standing straight and might also have a slight bend. The floor lamp usually ranges between 54 to 68 inches in height. These types of lamps give a wealthy and rich look to the place. So, those having spacious and large rooms must place floor lamps there. Choose from a variety of floor lamps such as:

Floor Lamps
Img : smdesign
  • Cream Jute Round Floor Lamp
  • Sheesham Wood And Beige Color Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Grey Iron Dalai Lamp
  • Colosseum Antique Copper Floor Lamp
  • Quito White Iron Floor Lamp

5. Outdoor Post Lamps

You must have installed outdoor post lamps earlier also. But, do you know that these lamps must sync with the symmetric design of your place? Yes, the proper sync between the outdoor post lamp and home give the residing area an elegant look. Thus, one must consider the shape and design while choosing the outdoor post lamps for their home. You can choose something like this:

Outdoor Post Lamps
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  • Berkeley Collection 18 3/4″ High Outdoor Pier Mount Light
  • Bay View Collection 12 1/4″ High Steel Post Light
  • Marlex Nautical 10″ High White Outdoor Post Light
  • Kichler Argyle 19 1/2″H Weathered Zinc Outdoor Post Light
  • Hubbardton Forge Tourou Smoke 19 1/4″ High Post Mount

Give your home a trendy look by placing these designer lamps at different spheres. Also, you have a wide market area to find out more designs on the basis of designer lamps listed here.