Best Balcony Makeover Ideas You Must Try

Balcony – a relaxing place exactly beneath the skyline from where you gaze at the twinkling stars every night. Also, many people indicate this space as their favorite corner. This is so because, the balcony gives you a personal space where you can work, relax and enjoy. But, not every one of you can do so because of the space issue.

So, if you are also thinking about how to turn balcony into a personal space then take a look at these balcony makeover ideas. The designer balcony ideas listed below will make your balcony look stylish and comfortable unlike before.

1. Plant Up the Space

The plants definitely enhance the look of a place especially if it a balcony. But, inappropriate assembling of plants here can ruin the look of your veranda. So, buy some chic looking plants and plant them in stylish flower pots. You can choose from a wide range of designer flower pots available in the market. Pick any color of your choice and place them in your balcony. We suggest you to hang plants on the balcony grill as it will offer some sitting space as well. Go for seasonal plants as the blooming of these plants brings in a lot of positivity with them. You can place Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Lantana and Coleus like plants.

Balcony with beautiful plants
Source : mydesiredhome

2. Arrange Coffee Table Sitting

Balcony is the all-weather place. You can enjoy every day here right from the bright sunny day to a complete rainy day. But, no one can enjoy while standing for a long time. Thus, you must add some furniture to the balcony and make it look aesthetic. So, step in the market and buy a patio table with two or more chairs according to the space you have in the balcony. Remember to opt for the contrast-colored furniture to revamp the balcony as it makes space look vibrant to sit in.

Balcony with Coffee Table
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3. Give it a Café Look

Most of the time you forget to take cookies along with the cup of coffee in the balcony? So, it’s time to enjoy your favorite munching food while sipping coffee in the veranda next time. Shop for a small cabinet rack with door and place it to the adjoining wall of your balcony. This will provide space for storing snacks so that you don’t need to rush inside to grab a packet of snacks. Also, you can place houseplants on the top of the cabinet to give a green look to the entire space. Also, add couple of low-height stool to sit and relax. This is one of the best balcony makeover ideas.

Cafe Look Balcony
Source : indonesia

4. Install Hammocks

Give your balcony a new look by getting a hammock installed there. This type of balcony makeover idea is ideal for the long balconies. As, the hammocks need to be hangs from one end and another. So, get a designer hammock for your veranda and enjoy your time.

Hammocks in Balcony
Source : trendir

5. Get a Hanging Swing

Those residing at apartment-style housing can experience the swing in the air by installing a hanging swing. These swings are available in bubble and float shapes. So, pick any of them according to the size of your balcony. Apart from offering a new look to the balcony, this will give you a relaxing feel too.

Balcony with Hanging Swing
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6. Cover Balcony

You can cover the balcony by wielding iron rods from the railing of balcony till the roof. This will allow you to use this area as a storing place and will also makes you secure. Another way to cover balcony is to build a window-frame panel for the same. This will allow you to access and restrict the direct sunlight and winds as per the need.

Cover Balcony
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These are the six best balcony makeover ideas that will help enhance the look of this open space.