7 Stylish Lighting Ideas for High-Ceilings

A home reflects your personality and thus it is important to add style and space in your dream castle as it is the most beautiful place on the earth. Budget differs for many people when it comes to owning a residential property and their choice of a housing unit is completely different from others. So, those owning a home with high-ceiling must check out these alluring lighting designs in order to enhance the look of their home overall:

Lighting Ideas for High-Ceilings
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1. Lighting for Living Room

The hanging of a chandelier in a living room sounds regular. So, inspite of following this home décor idea, we suggest you install multiple ceiling lights on the roof. This décor style not only offer a distinct look but it also gives you an option to create low and high lighting as per the requirements. In fact, the simple ceiling lights with milky bulbs add brightness to the area and thus it is a decent home décor for a living room with high-ceiling.

Lighting for Living Room
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2. Modern Classic Lighting

The hanging of a chandelier with a false ceiling concept is also a good home décor idea. You can place a low-heightened lampshade in the corner while enlightening the entire living area with this rectangle-shaped lighting fixture.

Modern Classic Lighting
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3. Lighting for Bedroom

Give a smart and unique look to the bedroom area by hanging this cathedral-style chandelier. The beautiful geometrical design with glass and iron offers an elite look while the three candles in the same home décor item set a relaxing mood. The fixing of ceiling lightings in a diagonal-manner help you create a dazzling star-like effect in the bedroom.

Lighting for Bedroom
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4. Lighting for Kitchen

The kitchen must have appropriate lighting, in short the extra and minimum both kinds of lightings, can create, trouble in the paradise as the person cooking might not get an exact look of the things. So, inspite of experimenting with a light fitting of the kitchen area opt for simple lighting. Also, you can opt for a chimney with pre-fitted lights as it offers a comfort while cooking. The direct focus of the lights on the cooking junction gives a crystal clear clarity in the preparation of food which is the first thing a person should look for.

Lighting for Kitchen
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5. Lighting for Lobby

Give an alluring look to the lobby area by matching the chandelier design with that of the staircase railing which gives a home an elevation from the ground to the next floor. Look for the chandelier which matches with the railing design or get a chandelier designed according to the railing. Get this lighting fixture painted in the same colour that of a railing as it offers a smart look.

Lighting for Lobby
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6. Lighting for Porch

Inspite of buying a trendy lighting fixture for the porch area get an iron-casted chandelier and hang it here. The not so bright light of this chandelier will catch the attention of the people passing by your home and the same home décor item will offer a vintage look during the daytime.

Lighting for Porch
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7. Lighting for Dining Area

Bring home a pendant style lighting fixture and enlighten the dining area with the same. This kind of lighting help you adjust lighting while dinning according to the mood. You can enjoy food in dim lighting while a bright light will work if you have a party time at home.

Lighting for Dining Area
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