7 Tips to decorate home with Shades of Blue

decorate home with Shades of Blue
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The shades of a blue colour reflect various aspects of your personality including trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. In fact, a home décor in blue colour allows you to focus and stay determined until the target is reached or the mission is accomplished. Also, being the colour of sky and sea the shades of blue denotes in-depth and strong bond. Hence, here we are listing some beautiful blue coloured home décor ideas.

1. Coral Blue

A home décor of this colour help you stay calm and thus getting the personal space alias the bedroom painted with a coral blue is a brilliant idea. Also, the hanging of abstract painting on the wall offer a composite look and this bedroom décor idea assure you to match with the pace of life. Apart from this, a vase with fresh greens will also work to spread peace and happiness at the same time.

Coral Blue
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2. Bright Blue

Like said earlier, the blue has many variations and this shade is known as bright blue. The addition of white in blue until it catches all the attention is the process to learn about how to catch the limelight. The placing of a white coloured closet and few décor items helps you to learn about being a quick settler and absorbing others at the same time. On a whole, this blue colour home décor fill the atmosphere with positivity.

Bright Blue
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3. Turquoise Blue

Get the girl room highlighted with this colour. The wall sticker denoting free life will inspire her to experience adventure while setting goals to achieve. Let this colour inspire her to live life with full zest as you get ready to witness her success.

Turquoise Blue
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4. Navy Blue

This colour is silent as a sea and thus you must paint the living room in this shade. Here take a note of the space/area as this is a bold and bright colour that can make or break the entire home décor concept. So, if you have a huge living room then get the entire space painted with navy blue, those with a medium-sized room should use the cushions of this colour and if you have a small-sized room then get a small portion of a wall highlighted in this colour as it will create a magical effect.

Navy Blue
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5. Electric Blue

An electric blue is also known as the tiffany blue. This shade goes well with white and thus either choose the white coloured furniture else get the walls painted in this colour. Whatever you choose, just make sure not to use any other colour combination with this shade of blue as it won’t offer an opulent and elegant look with any other palatte.

Electric Blue
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6. Vintage Blue

This shade offers a vintage look and thus you can get the porch or the store area painted in this colour. The hanging of some metal-based chandeliers will compliment the colour as well. Also, the hanging of a rug on the wall offer never before feel to the home décor.

Vintage Blue
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7. Blue Palette

Get these kinds of sofa cushions and paint the room white. Also, place a blue-coloured bookrack in the corner and offer an opulent look to your home. You can also add indigo coloured cushions to make the home look even more beautiful.

Blue Palette
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