Creative Bed designs to Style your Home

The bed is a most comfortable place to lay down in-house. Thus, we all make sure to have soft spring mattress and smooth bed linens.

But the element that makes a bedroom a comfortable place is a bed’s structure. The design of a bed must have three components which are sufficient space, easy headboard and appropriate height. As these things ensure congenial arena to play, work, relax and party some time.

So have a look at these unusual bed designs that will help in styling your home.

1. Round-Shaped Bed – 

Give your master bedroom a stylish look with this round-shaped bed. Also, place some heart-shaped cushions and red-colored bed linen to offer a romantic touch to the atmosphere.

Round-Shaped Bed
Img : velvet

2. Oval-Shaped Bed – 

Interestingly, place this Oval-shaped bed in your living room or a spacious balcony and decorate your home uniquely. This cover-bed offers a panoramic view and makes space look elegant.

Oval-Shaped Bed
Img : bycns

3. Sibling Bed Design- 

Create a perfect-sibling environment at home by designing same-looking beds for your kids. This multi-floored bed space is best for siblings as they both will enjoy time with each other which will strengthen the bond between the siblings.

Sibling Bed Design
Img : kidskouch

4. Princess Bed – 

Offer your little daughter a royal treatment by installing this princess bed in her room. The castle headboard and curtains parting ways of her window will offer an aesthetic look to the place.

Princess Bed
Img : smithhereblog

5. Car-Shaped Bed – 

Tiny tots have a love for cars and they are often seen picking toy cars to add in their collection. So, bring in a car-designed bed that will make them fall asleep timely as it is very important for health.

Car-Shaped Bed
Img : idolza

6. Themed-Bed Design – 

The young boys are adventurous by nature. So, get his bed structured in the shape of a water vessel alias ship.  The three-layered headboard will offer a waterway vessel ambiance to the boy’s room.

Themed-Bed Design
Img : blogspot

7. Bed with Attached Book-Shelf – 

Keep your book in an aligned manner. The bed with attached book rack is made in a single piece and offer space to relax and store. Also, the columns nearby bed keep the favorite books and other things at a stretch of your hand. In fact, you can place some antiques there also to decorate the room.

Bed with Attached Book-Shelf
Img : orchidlagoon

8. Nestle Bed Design –

Act like a birdy mom. Yes, design the nestle –shaped bed and offer a natural look to the room. This is best for small kids.

Nestle Bed Design
Img : ytimg

9. Shell Bed Design – 

Add a curvy headboard to the bed and offer a different look to your bedroom. This is suitable for kids, young children, and adults too. This bed-designed can be customized as per your choice and requirement.

Shell Bed Design
Img : ceaprc

10. Modern Round Bed Design – 

Gift an unusual style to your bedroom with this bed design. The white-color exterior makes this bed look like an eggshell. This bed design will make your space look amazingly beautiful.

Modern Round Bed Design
Img : zestyhomes

So, enjoy your comfort in a stylish manner by choosing any designer bed from the list.