Tips to Decorate Home Interiors for Holi Festival

Holi – the festival of colors is around the corner and you must be busy preparing for this bright and energy-filled auspicious occasion. But, is your home ready for the Holi party?

Holi Festival


If not then you must scroll down this blogpost as we here offer some easy tips to style home for the colorful festivity.

There is one golden rule for home decoration on Holi and that is to keep it simple and spacious. This is because the Holi fever won’t leave the home look chic and sophisticated. So, there is no point in wasting time to find matching cushions, rugs etc.

Well, don’t think too much as here are the things to remember when it comes to style home in a festive mood.

1. Hang Rainbow Curtains –

Firstly, change the curtains with rainbow-shaded net curtains. These curtains have the element to wave-off the color particles and keep the fabric look nice and clean. Also, the transparency of the rainbow curtain allows you to keep a look at what’s going on in the garden area.

2. Place Brighten Sofa Covers –

The sofa is the place which gets dirty more than any other furniture at home during the Holi festival. Thus, you must get some bright-colored sofa covers along with the vibrant-colored cushion covers to secure this piece of furniture from getting stained. Also, the dark shades of fabric absorb less color which makes it easy to use after the Holi festival.

3. Place Colorful Rugs – 

Replace the regular rug with colorful one on the Holi festival as it protects the floor from getting wet stained. Also, it creates a perfect festive mood for the party.

4. Colorful Bathroom Rug – 

This place has to stay wet through-out the day during this colorful festival. Thus, you must ensure the safety of your guests and family by placing a bathroom rug as it protects you from slipped in the washroom.

5. Place Multi-colored Cover on Dining Table –

Apart from the colors, you have many delicacies to offer. Thus, the dining table has ample eating items to gorge on. So, make sure to place a plastic dining table cover here as it protects the furniture from getting dirty. Also, the plastic cover is easy to clean due to which you can easily reuse it.

6. Place Bright Colored Bed Linen – 

Well, bedroom usually stays clean and dry but don’t take a chance with your bed. Therefore, change your bed linens from the regular one to something colorful. This will make the room look beautiful and bright while matching with the spirit of Holi festival.

These are tricks to decorate home for the upcoming festival of colors. Also, it will help you change home décor for some time before getting the place ready to welcome summers.