Check Out: Trendy Flooring designs to Revamp Home

This year add a new style to your home décor by replacing the floor. Yes, it might sound different but it will also make the adobe look different from others.

Well, you must know that keeping the floor clean is utmost important and thus many people opt for easy to clean floor which can last long. Also, the flooring cost more than any other thing when it comes to home décor.

Therefore, you might not want to change the flooring frequently but these trendy flooring designs will make you feel the need of change while stepping into the home.

So, check out the trendy flooring designs and make your home look beautiful from bottom to top.

1. Bamboo Flooring – 

Being an organic hardboard the Bamboo flooring offers a natural look to the place. Remember to dehumidify and flatten the bamboo plank before getting them installed. Also, this type of flooring is easy to clean and makes the room look bigger than the actual size.

Bamboo Flooring
Img : downgraf

2. Wide Plank – 

This wooden board flooring is apt for the kitchen. A wide wooden plank set a different look and also enhances the look of the room. Here you can choose thin or thick wooden planks flooring according to space. A thin wooden plank is suitable for bigger rooms whereas the thick and wide wooden plank suits the small spaces.

Wide Plank
Img : flooring-professionals

3. Parquet Flooring-

Give your home a classy look by placing this artistic flooring. The Parquet flooring is nothing but the accurate placing of geometrical-shaped wooden pieces to form a design. This type of flooring is best for the luxury homes.

Parquet Flooring
Img : hgtvhome

4. Cork Flooring – 

The cork flooring has a slightly rough texture. This subtle form of flooring is worth a choice if you have toddlers, kids, or pets at home. As the roughness of the cork flooring avoids floor’s slipperiness. The cork flooring is available in multiple colors and textures.

Cork Flooring
Img : ashleyfinefloors

5. Grey Wood – 

The grey wood flooring is different from the regular one. Also, this type of flooring offers amazing look to the room. You can choose a light or a dark tone flooring to match with the colors of your walls.

Grey Wood
Img : woodflooringireland

6. Terrazzo Flooring – 

The Terrazzo flooring comprises of stone pieces that are mixed with concrete or cement. This flooring trend gives you the option to have colorful and patterned flooring at home.

Terrazzo Flooring
Img : acriflooring

7. Ebony Wood Flooring – 

This piece of flooring has solid wood pieces installed on the floor which creates an abstract or dimensional design. The Ebony flooring is perfect for spacious living room as these designs make space look chic.

Ebony Wood Flooring
Img : theluxelifestyle

8. Recycled Carpet Flooring –

This flooring is made from various recycled product such as nylon rugs, carpets etc. Also, the criss-cross flooring design creates a stunning impression and makes the room look modern. You can get the recycled carpet flooring installed in a lobby or any particular area to enhance the look of the place.

Re Cycled carpet flooring
Img : burmatex

 9. Porcelain Flooring – 

This is a type of false wooden flooring which is easy to clean and maintain. The rustic look of Porcelain flooring adds a classy touch to the places like bedroom, kitchen, and study.

Porcelain Flooring
Img : merchee

So, choose the best for your floor and make it glow like a star. Also, you can install one type of flooring in the entire home to offer a trendy look overall.