Seven best Open Shelves idea for Home Décor

The perfect home forms when you make use of ample space apart from the carpet area. Yes, many people don’t fill the void spaces properly and thus it results in a cluttered arena. But, every one might not have the ideas to recreate the space.

Agreed that every home may not offer enough space but every open area of a house gives you a scope for improvement. So, if you are confused about how to manage articles and home space then take a look at the below given open shelves idea and give home a completely different look.

1. Open Shelves for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private tract of a home where one keeps their important documents and souvenirs too. But, your growth in life asks for more room to place these things. Thus, you must divide a particular wall into three or more sections according to the need. This segregation will allow you to put up the family photos, trophies and other things which are close to your heart. This dedicated wall is trending nowadays as even the star of millennium Amitabh Bachchan also has a memory wall in his Mumbai-based home Jalsa.

Open Shelves for Bedroom
Img : pin-insta-decor

2. Teenagers Room – 

A teenager’s room is filled with multiple things like books, photos, wardrobe and more. Also, the grown-up kids have liking for various artefacts which they bring in to decorate their room. So, create an open place to keep these antiques and other stuff in their room. You can adjoin the open shelves and cabinets by designing shelve-storage in the teenager’s room as per their choice and requirement.

Teenagers Room
Img : majalah-nikah

3. Living Room – 

The living room is the first place where guests arrive. Thus, it is important to keep this arena look stylish. At the same time your house must speak your mind. So, give this particular section a different look by placing open shelves. Here you can add space to keep remotes and magazines near television whereas the other open space gives you space to keep artefacts. We suggest you to place some of your laurels in the living room and let the guest praise your work.

Living Room
Img : czmcam

4. Kitchen – 

Spice up the kitchen ambiance by flashing your trendy kitchen tools and utensils on the open shelves. The hanging hooks and dedicated space for keeping mixer jar and other things will make the cooking station classic like never before. But, choose the color of your open shelves according to the wall colors of your kitchen. This will offer a poise look to your cooking junction.

Img : phillymag

5. Dining Arena – 

The dining arena is place where the family enjoys time together while biting into the food. Thus, no one wish to miss the conversations that happen here. But, if you are still running from pillar to post in order to get some food, salt or something then wait. As we suggest you to have open shelves in the dining area where you can keep some extra plates, salt and pepper shaker and more as per your choice. This will help you spend time with your beloved family while having dinner.

Dining Arena
Img : evakuatorspb

6. Reading Lounge – 

This section is a place of your collection. Cover a wall of your reading section with open bookshelves. This also allows you pick the books easily and also add an elegant touch to the entire arena. Also, you can keep a small coffee table, a couch for this section and complement it with a floor lamp. Maximize the minimum space by having open shelves here.

Reading Lounge
Img : czmcam

7. Bathroom – 

Make your bathroom more spacious by adding open shelves to keep towels, soaps and shampoos there. Also, it gives a compact look to the bathroom as all things are kept at a particular space. So, keep refurbish your bathing space with designer open shelves and make the space look bigger and better.

Img : designingidea

These are the ideas to decorate home with open shelves. Although you can place these shelves in garden and balcony area too as it creates more space for keeping good things.